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Bible Studies

Here is some discussion on our recent Bible study and links to PDF files of recent studies, see list below. Also available but not yet on line is a study on Romans, the Parables, Jacob and others.

Both Groups have begun a study of the Gospel of John. This will continue with all of John's writings including Revelations. Feel free to join us at any time - each session is self contained. We have been discovering new meaning and insight into some familiar passages.


The Men's Breakfast (Links to past studies, click here)

If you want you can certainly use these studies, I borrowed heavily from multiple resources and there are several typos remaining - however, we have had some good discussions on these passages. We have embarked on a study of the writings of John and are currently in the Gospel of John.

REMINDER JUST Click the Underlined text to open a PDF copy of the Material.

Jesus and the woman at the well  take away card

6-09 Jesus feed s 5000+  take away card     6-16  Jesus walks on Water  take away card

6-23 Jesus bread of Life  take away card    6-30 Lord to whom shall we go?

7-7 John 7 Family  & enemies take away card  7-14 John 7 Feast    take away card

7-21 John 7 Living Water    take away card      7-28 John 7 Unbelief  take away c

8-4                                                                                 8-11

8-18     Freedom                                                         8-25 John 8: 48  Take away Card

9-1   Healing the Blind     take away card          9-8  Pharisee John 9    take away card

9-15 Jesus the Good Shepherd  take away card    9-22 Jesus rejected take away card

9-29 Lazarus Pt 1  take away card  10-6 Lazarus 2  Take away Card

10-13 The plot   take away card   10-20 Mary anoints Jesus  take away card

10-27 Palm Sunday  take away card   11-3 Jesus predicts his death  take away card

11-9 Feet Washing card  11-17    betrayal predicted   card       11-24  Peter's denial Predicted   card     

 12-8  Jesus the way  card  12-15 Comforter card  12-22 Jesus the vine Card

12-28 World Hates you card 1-5 Counselor card  1-12 Grief to Joy  peace in Conflict

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